July 22nd, 2018

Dr. Lucica Ditiu becomes an Honorary Member of TBpeople.

Board Member Timur Abdullaev presented Dr Lucica Ditiu of the Stop TB Partnership with a plaque in recognition of her outstanding contribution to mobilizing and supporting communities affected by TB. The presentation was made at TB2018, a one-day pre-conference taking place at AIDS 2018 in Amsterdam.

Also given Honorary Membership of TBpeople was Paul E. Farmer, MD, PhD, for his outstanding contribution in the fight against Tuberculosis and promoting care and support for people with TB

July 23rd, 2018

Opening Ceremony of AIDS 2018 – Little Mention of TB

The opening ceremony of AIDS2018 in Amsterdam on July 23rd 2018 was unsurprising in so much as TB received little mention. TB activists were left wondering exactly how long it shall take before the majority of people attending the conference give more acknowledgement that TB in some parts of the world kills more people than any other opportunistic infection.

Speaking to other AIDS activists, some of them very seasoned, they still seem uninterested in any kind of conversation about co-infection with HIV/TB co-infection. It seems that some of those attending this year’s event are still woefully poorly informed about the reality and connection between the two diseases.

With the High-Level Meeting in New York on September 26th 2018 fast approaching we can only hope that the connection between the two infections becomes more widely known and in future shall be addressed in more detail at such international shin-digs.


July 26th, 2018

Press Launch July 26th: TBpeople goes Global

TBpeople is to hold a Press Launch at AIDS 2018. The objective to the spread awareness that TBpeople is now a global network. The event will feature speaking from a variety of supporting organizations,