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Declaration Update...

As we promised, the survey on the Declaration on the Rights of People Affected by TB is now available in French, Russian and Spanish!


In case you missed it, in December 2017, TBpeople with support of the Stop TB Partnership started the process of drafting a new community-led document on the rights of people affected by TB. The initiative was based on the recognition that the existing document, the Patients’ Charter for Tuberculosis Care, is outdated and requires considerable revision considering a global paradigm shift towards a human rights-based response to TB and the emergence of new health technologies since the Patients’ Charter’s publication in 2007.

A community consultation was held in Minsk, Belarus, in December 2017 to discuss the need to revise the Patients’ Charter and to agree on the name and content of a new document. Based on this discussion, as well as several other face-to-face consultations, TBpeople, together with legal and human rights experts, developed a first draft of the Declaration on the Rights of People Affected by Tuberculosis. At this time, we are seeking input from broader global community - and especially people affected by TB - on this document.

This survey will allow us to understand how the draft needs to be further improved before it goes for the final consultation. We will seek your opinion on both general structure and format of the Declaration, as well as specific language used.

One important thing to consider is that it was our intent to have the document written in technical language - or, to be precise, to have it in the same language as international human rights documents. We did it because the idea of the Declaration is not to invent new rights, but to reaffirm the rights, which have already been agreed on by the international community, and to stress that people affected by TB, just like everyone else, are equally entitled to these universally recognized rights. This being said, after the approval of the Declaration, we plan to develop more tools to "operationalize" the Declaration, including handbooks, written in easy to understand, non-technical language.